Know Your Purpose Clearly And Be Set Free To Pursue It Boldly.

An eight-part mastermind that helps people find freedom, clarity, and direction for their lives.

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Who Is The Purpose Mastermind For?

A life without a clarified sense of purpose will lead to many different types of problems. This program restores people to a sense of purpose and gives them power over their problems. We guide people to become the people they were made to be.


Be set free from habits and mindsets that make you feel like you are trapped in a cage. 


Clear away the clouds of confusion. When life is complex, we get confused. When life is simple, we get powerful. 


Stop asking “What am I supposed to do”? Instead, be bold as you look with anticipation at what you can do!

What People Are Saying About
The Purpose Mastermind

People just like you are getting a restored sense of purpose and are living with REAL power over their problems!

Frequently Asked Questions

From business men and women, friends and couples, college and high school students, and even whole organizations, we equip anyone who wants to make a big impact in the world with the mindsets and motivations to carry their purpose out with boldness.

The Purpose Mastermind is an 8-part guided process that will bring you freedom, clarity and boldness. It’s a deep dive into the topic of purpose. There are four main components.

Individuals: $3200
Organizations: $4997
Groups of 3-17: $800 per person
Scholarships available for special cases. Connect with us here to learn more!

We lead people through this process in various ways. All group types can be done in-person and online via

  • One-on-One
  • As a Couple
  • Medium Groups (3 to 15) (group types: couples, men, women, etc.)
  • Large Groups (15 to ∞)
  • The Marketplace as a ‘Lunch-n-Learn’
  • Convention or Live Event

This process is normally 8 meetings over the course of 8 weeks. We are able to adapt the experience for groups that want to incorporate several parts into one event.

*We do not focus on your problems. We focus on the purpose that your life was made for. 
*This is not counseling. It is a conversation among people that look at life seriously and believe they were made for impact. 
*Expect plenty of stories, pictures, and engaging conversations. 
*You have the option of bringing up any topics you would like to discuss, but you will not be asked to share personal stories from your life during the meetings. 
*After you see your life differently, you will see your problems differently. We will give you tools for your problems after you see them as an opportunity. 

It’s simple! Reach out to a facilitator near you and let them know you are interested in starting the purpose mastermind! They will take care of you every step of the way. If you have any questions or run into any issues along the way, email me at

After you complete the Purpose Mastermind, join a local Board of Directors group for continual accountability and growth!